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At Mulberry Retreats, we work with leadership teams and groups of individual leaders at start-ups and scale-ups through to large enterprises.  Whilst our holistic approach underpins all of our offerings, we work with our clients to design bespoke retreats that fit their context and meet their specific outcomes.  Below are examples of the retreats that we offer, all of which can be tailored to meet our clients' needs.

We also offer a handful of open sign-up retreats each year and one-to-one coaching.  

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Connecting with each other in person for possibly the first time, our Hybrid Teams retreat gets you away from the screen and into nature and each other.  By slowing everything around you down, we create the opportunity for team members to connect, grow and bond.  This much needed time together accelerates team alignment, cohesion and effectiveness.

Run for professional women by professional women to replenish, uplift and inspire.  Our Retreat for Women Leaders aims to provide you with renewed hope, confidence and possibility, a sense of belonging and a calm and focussed mind.

Whether you’re a start-up or a new team in a company, co-creating your shared vision and strategy will provide inspiration and clarity.  By letting go of our preconceptions, new possibilities emerge.  Our Vision and Strategy Retreat gives you the space to find those new possibilities and align around them.

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How can we get comfortable being uncomfortable?  Our Leading in Uncertainty Retreat is designed to support and empower emerging senior leaders with the personal insight and confidence to navigate volatile, complex and uncertain situations thoughtfully and with compassion.

Our ability to be creative and problem solve is an innately human quality, yet many of us have forgotten how to engage our creativity, placing it in a box with our childhood belongings.  Our Creative Teams Retreat helps you to reconnect with your creativity to enhance self-expression and team effectiveness and enjoyment in creative problem solving.

Creating the space for exploration of new ideas and business models requires a different leadership mindset and approach, which enhances and supports creativity and innovation rather than stiffles it.  Unlearn your old behaviours and relearn how to unleash and nurture the entrepreneurial talent that undoubtedly lies within your business.

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Individual high-performers but dysfunctional as a team.  What’s going on?  Taking leadership teams out of their normal environment and creating a safe space for sensitive exploration of the issues with our expert faculty gets to the root of team dynamic issues and sets you on a path to improved team happiness and cohesion.

As well as teaching at our retreats, all of our faculty members provide one-to-one coaching. Find out more about getting a coach.  

As well as designing bespoke retreats for specific clients, we run a handful of open sign-up retreats each year.  We aim to attract participants from a broad-section of industries, which we believe greatly enriches our conversations and the experience for al.  Find out about our upcoming retreats.

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