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A Holistic Approach to Leadership

What makes Mulberry Retreats different to most other leadership development courses and workshops you will have experienced is our unique holistic approach.

Yes, we teach 'hard' leadership skills on topics such as navigating uncertainty and risk, leading adaptive organisations, business model strategy, psychological safety, team dynamics, negotiation, creativity, plus many more. While education in, and awareness of, these skills (and the tools and frameworks that underpin them) are necessary, we know through experience that it's not enough. Whilst most of it makes perfect sense, application back in the real world can be hard.

Back in the context of our busy lives and the cultures of the organisations we work for, it's easier to revert to our default behaviours. Overcoming that takes time, practice and courage. It requires us to challenge some of our narratives and adapt our mental models. 

This is why all of our interactions, whether it's a 5-day retreat or a 1-hour coaching session, work at a deeper level to explore our physical and emotional responses as well as our intellectual ones. Our organisations and the people within cannot thrive without effective and healthy leadership; we cannot provide effective and healthy leadership if we are not fit and healthy to lead. 

This isn't therapy. But you can expect time to pause and reflect. You can expect some physical activity to energise your body and clear your mind. You can expect some meditation and mindfulness to refocus your mind. You can expect wholesome food to nourish your body. You can expect a beautiful natural environment to inspire and relax.  

Ultimately, you can expect to leave feeling renewed and with clear and achievable next steps in your leadership journey.

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