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In late 2020, the end of a challenging and tumultuous year, Susie Braam founded Mulberry Retreats to provide sanctuary and optimism to individuals in challenging leadership positions and teams. 

As an executive coach and senior leader herself at the time inside a large government agency, she saw colleagues and clients who were dealing with a true crisis and a constantly evolving, highly uncertain situation for the first time in their careers.  All were physically and mentally exhausted and many had lost their sense of purpose in the uncharted waters they now found themselves during the Covid pandemic. 

This played out for different people in different ways, but there was no escaping the  impact their reduced resilience was having on their teams, their organisations, their families and their own wellbeing.

It is our belief that leadership is an awesome responsibility where trust must be earned and not assumed.  At Mulberry Retreats, our mission is to empower leaders with the mindset, skills and confidence to create a positive future for themselves, their organisations and the people within.

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